О Зеленогорье (место силы в горах между Алуштой и Судаком. Крым) на английском. Arpat. Zelenogorye. The Crimea

Arpat is a small mountain village in the foothills of Karabee plateau of the South-East of Crimea. This Plateau is above the village and one of the most inspiring places of Crimea with the remarkable gorges and the mountain ridges which offer the spectacular views of the sea and surrounding of these mountains.

Three sides of the village is bounded by mountains and to the south you are able to look at the Black Sea. From the north part of  Zelenogorye there is Panagia tract that means «Holy Tract» and it is a beginning of the hiking trails to the picturesque canyon with many small waterfalls, rapids and water baths. If you climb to the plateau there is a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and a panorama of the Black Sea and also Meganom cape.
From here you will see a start of hiking trails to the  Jur-Jur waterfall
on Karabi Yayla plateau and Demerdzhi mountain.

Panagia is a picturesque tract of the Emerald Green Lake with the cascades of waterfalls. This place has a name of Arpat waterfalls. This Lake has a rich green color of its waters. It is best to come to the lake in a cloudy day while the green color of Emerald Lake is more saturated and creates an amazing contrast.
Arpat is not very famous like  Grand Canyon of Crimea becouse it’s located far away from the main health resorts of Crimea. But it is all the same Arpat is a beautiful place . It’s dufficult to say how many
people live in Arpat.
There is a supposition, the name of » Arpat » is from the Tatar language with the «Arp» name. I dont know about it, but most of the people think such a way.
A soil of Arpat is a dry one, but there are many gardens and most of the people of Arpat raise many plants and fruits here. I went to the Panagia canyon to see a nature of this place. This Canyon has many steps and a clean cold water flows down about these steps. All this water fills small hollows.
These hollows have a name «A bath of love». Most of the tourists get to Panagia to have a bath of love.

Lake of Arpat is a very famous lake. It has a green view becouse of the green mountains. It’s a beautiful lake for your swimming and most of the tourists get to this lake to have a good resting. You will be able to set your tents here and to meet every morning with these warm sunbeams.

О Зеленогорье (место силы в горах между Алуштой и Судаком. Крым) на английском. Arpat. Zelenogorye. The Crimea: 2 комментария

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